Whitton Tower


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Ramswood was the formal gardens for Whitton Tower, gifted by Angus Watson to the Newcastle Hospital Management Committee in the 1950's. At that time, Whitton Tower was known as the Ethel Watson Convalescence Home. Ramswood (The Formal Gardens) was a special garden which the children and staff could enjoy and where they often spent time, relaxing and playing.


Ramswood has a perimeter stone wall lined with large trees giving a secluded peaceful feel to the place. There is a spring, running through the wood into a large central pond.


The following pictures, taken in December 2014, show that this wood is now overgrown with dense ivy covering the floor and most of the trees, in many cases even climbing to the tops of the trees.  There is a great risk that these trees will be blown over due to the very strong winds that hit the site. The ivy is adding to the problem.


There are signs left by trespassers that this wood is being used by overnight stayers and fly-tippers. The gate is often left open, and parts of the perimeter wall have fallen down or been removed. On occasion during the summer months, you can hear loud drunken noises coming from the wood.