Whitton Tower


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Please feel free to contact us at Whitton Tower if you have any information regarding it's history. Anyone who has worked or lived here, we are especally interested in your stories (Good or Bad).  Please, also indicate what you do not wish to be published - this is with regards personel information only. While every attempt will be made to verify the comments provided we can't be held responsible for inaccuracies. These views may be subjective and personal feelings of many years ago.

Privacy Statement:


Through contacting us, you have given us some personal information such as your name, email address and in some cases telephone numbers.


We respect your privacy and don’t share this with anyone unless you specifically ask us to. We don’t publish your email address or phone numbers when we post your stories on the visitors book.


If you want us to remove your name from our list and not receive any more emails from us, just let us know.


From your contact we understand the importance that Whitton Tower has had on you,  this site and events are provided to support you.  We run this purely for the benefit of the ex-residents of the home on a non-commercial basis.