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In 1934 Cllr Angus Watson of Newcastle, who had already acquired the vicarage glebe lands as well as nearby Whitton Grange, to preserve what he called the "amenities of the district". Within a year, he had leased Whitton Tower to Newcastle City Council for a children's convalescence home, a use it retained until 1983 after which it reverted to residential use.


The children who spent some time at the convalescence home, now adults, oftern return to see the house and grounds and share their stories. This page is for the children and staff who lived and worked here during the time The Rectory was known as:


The Ethel Watson Childrens Convalescent Home






We would like to hear from you if you were here during this time.

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We had a request for any information regarding a Song that was sung at Whitton Tower in the early years of the convalesentce home. So if you can help please contact us...      The Song goes...


The melody came from a song called "Roll along covered wagons" - Harry Roy. It can be heard on You tube  and melody  is the introductary part of the song. I learnt the song at Whitton Towers.


The words are:-                 Roll along Saint………?…... Ambulance, roll along,

                                                Take me back to the place where  I belong,

                                                Whitton Towers may be fine,

                                                But give me Newcastle on Tyne,

                                                Roll along Saint……….?......Ambulance

                                                Roll along


From memory it was an ambulance we sang about, but maybe it was a bus? I do remember going on outings on a bus and singing the song.

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17/03/2018     Diane Waddell

I have tried hospital archives and cannot find anything. I went in tbe 7os and used to go to church on a Sunday. The class teacher was the late Mrs hardy

18/04/2018     Tracy McConell

Hello, I was wondering if you have any achieves of the children in the home back on the 70s. I was placed in the home a few times by my mother between 1971 and 1980. I have no reason why and I would like to know if any records have been kept? Thank you.

06/03/2018     Deborah Watson


Hi I was at the tower for a month in the seventies,Although I carnt remember much Apart from playing on a huge swing from a large tree in the garden .I often have thought weather it was still o

pen nd am pleased to hear t is,Iam now planing a visit with my 2 grown up childre

27/04/2018    Christine Thompson

I was one of the children that stayed at Whitton Towers and I was wondering if anyone can tell me where the records of our time there are held ? I have tried Northumberland archive and they don’t have them and been in touch with Newcastle archive and they don’t have them,

06/05/2018 Deborah Reed

Hi I came here as a 9 ur old straight from hospital,I would love to come back and have a look around,as I have been in the area and can not seam to find you.

Thank you D Reed

07/02/2018    Valerie McDonald

thanku Isabel an john for letting us look round u beautiful grounds an house very kind of you

16/05/2018     Jill Anderson

Hi, me, my brother and sister stayed at Whitton Tower. 61-62ish following the death of our dad. Would like to know if anyone remembers us? Our names are Jill, Adele and Peter Booth. Our mam was in the Rothbury Cottage hospital expecting our youngest sibling.

04/06/2018     Paul Sarson

Hi there, sorry to bother you but could you please let me know if there is to be another open day at Whitton Castle as I was saddened to find there had be one last year. You see I was one of possibly hundreds of children to live there over the years { from 1962 to 1969 } and have nothing but happy memories of Whitton and indeed Rothbury. Quite some years ago I visited Rothbury with my wife and 2 children but could not pluck up the courage to knock on the door to see who was residing there now. A regret that hurts me to the day. But now as I read this wonderful account and history of the castle lightens my heart. I do hope you can enlighten me. Regards and thank you Paul Sarson


01/07/2018     Pat Mark

hi i spoke to a lady and gentleman today who own the rectory part of the above property. i would be most interested to hear of any furure events that are being held at this property as i was cadett nurse there in the late 1950's i have spent a wonderful afternoon today looking at the gardens and the inside of the rectory. Thank you so much for spending your time and memories with me. regards pat mark

06/06/2018     Maureen Hodgson

Hi. I am a support worker for a Lady who, as a child spent a few years at Whitten Tower. Is it possible to find any information on her stay there? It was about 1959, when she came. Her name is, Susan Richardson. Regards, Maureen Hodgson.

28/08/2018     Craig Burnett

Hi I was wondering if I could visit with my dad who is 70 year old, my dad spent a lot of time here as a child, he had to live here as a kid cause he wouldn't eat and was really thin. He's never been back since he was a childand would love to

24/09/2018     Robin Winter

Good afternoon,

I would just like to enquire with regards to visiting opportunities at Whitton Tower? My father-in-law was a resident during the era the building was used as a convalescent home, in he late 1940’s. He now has very early onset dementia and he and his family are reminiscing through his life, including his childhood, and the spell he had at Rothbury.

I am not sure what the availability is for the public to visit Whitton Tower, though I see from the website that we have missed the Gardens Open Weekend. Any assistance to briefly visit would be truly appreciated but we fully understand that Whitton Tower is private residence too.

Sincere regards,

Rob Winter.

02/11/2018     Dee Smith

I believe my Gt Aunt Daisy was a matron at this hospital and would like to know when from and to and if anyone remembers her at all. Thanks.

02/11/2018     John McConnell


Hi myself and my 3 sisters were at whitton towers in the 70s I was wandering if there are any archives or other information.it would also be good 2 see whitton towers again if this would be possible as we were young and still have a lot of memory's thankyou.

29/11/2018     Brian Coleman

Hi ,I am 75 years of age and I was sent there from the general hospital in Newcastle.I used to love that place and was there for a While.i used to go for long walks up blueberry hill ( ithink it was called that and,walked up the racecourse for a few years.love all the staff food was good.we went for walks in the village and visited a little gift shop that was there and the man who ran it was great with us .when we went to buy little gifts for mum he would help us .he was very kind.this home was beautiful and we lived in upstairs dormitory and the day room was the one at the front of the house and we used to watch on visiting day to see if we had any visitors.I used to say it's my Aunties House as she was called ETHEL WATSON. I went up there about 20 years ago with my second wife to show her but there must have been something on and didn't want to disturb any one and left.took some photos but were lost owing to a. Event.thankyou for listening to me BRIAN COLEMAN Sheffield England.

04/06/2018     Jessie

Hi sorry to bother you ,I have been looking up how to leave a message on the page for the kids from Whitton towers . I am one of them and I have traveled to rothberry afew times unlucky as no one was home so I havnt had a chance to sign in the visitors book . I just wanted to put a message on as I have so many memories from my child hood at Whitton towers . I really would love to leave a message on the page if at all possible thanks jess ( one of the lee girls )


Again I would like to apologise for not updating the website over the last couple of years, work pressures and all is a poor excuse but is the case. Time has flown by and now its 2019. However, over the years we have had many visitors who liked the idea of an Open Day, where the Children of the convalescence home could reconnect with friends and staff. 


We will be holding another open day for the children and staff of the convalescent home.


This will be on Saturday 24th August 2019  between 12 noon and 4pm.  Bring your family and friends and feel free to picnic in the gardens.