Whitton Tower


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The historic hamlet of Whitton is the site of twenty English Heritage listings including two Pele towers,

a Bastle House and an ancient tower monument.



Although the hamlet was originally chosen for its easy defence the exposed sandstone outcrop is now protected by a wide range of mature trees. The hamlet is surrounded by open fields which gives the impression of being on an island. The modern delights of Whitton however are the range of interesting and varied gardens, including a woodland garden and a cottage garden containing some exceptional plants.



Both Whitton Tower and Whitton Grange were designed with ‘Pleasure Gardens’. The former is of Victorian origins and the latter is Edwardian. Whitton lies at over 1200 feet and is the home to a wide variety of plants including many of Himalayan origin.

 2018 Whitton Gardens Open Weekend



Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July

11am to 4pm


The Rectory, Whitton Tower is one of the 5 gardens, of Open Whitton that hope to raise money for North Northumberland Hospice.



This was a very successful weekend and a great turn out on both days. A very special thank you to our great local musicians : Three Score & Valerie, Country Blue & Colin, David Welden,  Keith & Sue, and a couple of roadies who couldn't help themselves get in on the act.


and of course a big thank you to all the helpers, pie stall, pimms stall, face painters, special craft & photography stall, and the prickly beasts - cacti stall.


Here are some of the photos people took:





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